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A Complete Guide to Credit Management

One of the key challenges for many businesses is to ensure that their cash flow and credit management procedures are working effectively. From developing Terms of Trade and the protection of assets on the PPSA register, through to credit management and debt recovery, this seminar will provide an overview of the key issues and how your business can address them. 

What will be covered?

The session will cover:

  • Developing and implementing effective credit policies

  • Getting it in writing: credit applications and guarantees

  • The timely pursuit of recalcitrant debtors and minimising debtor days

  • Legal demands and the legal process: cost effective legal action

  • Enforcement options available: the sheriff, the garnishee orders, bankruptcy or winding up
  • The effect of debtor’s voluntary administration, liquidation, bankruptcy or receivership on your business

  • Retention of title and protection of title via the PPSA

What are the learning outcomes?

Key staff members attending this seminar will gain:

  • A refreshed understanding of requirements for effective credit documents, and options and best practice for prompt debt recovery

  • An awareness and understanding of the practicalities and pros and cons of legal action

  • An insight into insolvency issues, the risks and possible protections

  • Confidence in deciding on the commerciality of pursuing a debt or writing it off.

Who should attend?

Accounts and Credit Management teams will benefit from the highly practical tips, techniques and strategies covered in this seminar. Regardless of their experience, all participants will find the insight into the legal process concerning debt recovery to be of value.


  • 2-hour interactive seminar

  • Tailored to your specific issues, concerns and training needs

  • Flexible group sizes – usually 10-24 participants.

Further information contact:

Rebecca Hegarty, Principal Lawyer
Phone: +61 2 9895 9289

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