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Nici Andronicus

Nici Andronicus represented Australia in triathlon and modern pentathlon for more than ten years from 1990. She competed at ten World Championships and more than ninety international events, becoming a three-time Australian champion and world no. 2 in 1997.

Underpinned by a degree from the University of Canberra, her sporting success brought outstanding opportunities and Nici travelled the world to train, race and pursue her fledgling career in media and marketing. During this time, as an ultra-fit athlete, Nici learned key lessons in training, preparation and nutrition for optimal performance, together with persistence, overcoming adversity and a special talent in never giving-up. Skills that later became essential. After retirement from triathlon, four months away from the arrival of their fifth child, Nici's husband Paul was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Told that the treatment options were limited and that permanent brain damage would result from options in Australia, Paul was given a very poor prognosis, measured in months.

Nici didn't give up and scoured the planet for alternative treatment options. When she discovered a radical but extremely expensive treatment protocol at Harvard Medical School in the United States, a large group of women came together to mobilise an entire community and help Paul get to Boston. The effort and involvement of this incredible group of women gave Paul the hope and huge lift he needed and he endured gruelling therapies in his plight for survival.

As a mother of five and in continuing to support Paul's brave battle with cancer, Nici has converted valuable sports and life-lessons to develop a diverse career, always seeking to give-back, in endless gratitude. Now CEO of 10x10 Philanthropy, Nici works with start-up charities around the world in bringing awareness and funding to community based grass roots cause.

Nici Andronicus