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Alisa Camplin

While training to become an Olympic aerial skier, Alisa Camplin completed a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and began her international career as a senior executive with IBM. Twenty years later, Camplin is a unique and contemporary leader, juggling a dynamic portfolio of sport, business and governance roles.

Quickly ascending through the ranks in both sport and business, Camplin famously drew upon business fundamentals to meticulously plan and prepare an Olympic campaign like no other. Using external mentors and tracking progress against challenging targets, Camplin defied the naysayers to build the right team, hold herself personally accountable and pushed through the physical, mental and emotional setbacks until success was finally achieved. Winning for the first time at the 2002 SLC Winter Olympic Games, Camplin then set about surviving success to create sustainable repeat success.

As a two times World Cup Grand Prix Winner, World Champion and World Record holder, Alisa Camplin returned from two back-to-back knee reconstructions to deliver a remarkable Bronze at the 2006 Torino Olympics. Breaking nearly every bone in her body along the way, Alisa Camplin proves that mental strength, attitude and self-belief are intrinsic to success. 

Upon retirement, Alisa Camplin returned to the corporate world, where her global career with IBM spanned 16 years. She held a number of senior executive positions spanning business leadership, brand strategy, sales, business development and service delivery. In complex and evolving business environments, Camplin is known to foster an accountable and resilient culture and thrives on building high performance outcome orientated teams.

As the Australian Olympic Committee’s Chef de Mission for Youth Olympic Games Teams, Alisa Camplin is now focused on leading Australia’s next generation of Winter Olympians. Camplin is also a Federal Government Commissioner and Non-Executive Director of the Collingwood Football Club, and she recently lead great change in the Australian Sports Philanthropy sector.

In 2011, after losing her first child to Congenital Heart Disease, Camplin turned adversity into opportunity and established the charity Finnan’s Gift, raising over $1M for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. As a Director of the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Camplin now combines her consulting, keynote speaking and business career with family time.

Awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2007, Alisa Camplin is demanded as a keynote speaker by multi-billion dollar companies and small organizations alike. Eloquent, passionate, and always professional, Alisa Camplin has so much to share and must be heard.

Alisa Camplin