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'Til Death Do Us Part… Asset Protection in Family Law and Estate Planning

“Have you considered a Binding Financial Agreement?” As an accountant or financial adviser, how many times have you asked your clients this question?
Whilst it seems like a simple question, it is also a particularly important one.  Charged with protecting your clients’ assets, a Binding Financial Agreement (or BFA) may be one of the single most effective tools you can use to minimise potential risk to an asset pool and protect a business.
Working together, lawyers from Coleman Greig’s Family Law and Wills & Estate Planning teams will discuss the value of a strong BFA in their upcoming webinar. Focussing on the four key scenarios in which a BFA can protect your clients, Amanda Malinowsky, Carli Heald and Karina Penfold will look at how you can use a BFA successfully to:

  • protect the assets of couples entering into their second (or subsequent) relationship;
  • Family Court-proof a loan or gift to a family member who is the process of separating;
  • ensure parents can preserve their child’s inheritance if the child’s relationship is breaking down and is involved in a family law dispute; and,
  • protect a business or farm that has been in a family for some time and is being passed down to a child and their partner (if the child’s relationship were to break down).

 Join us for this practical session where you will discover what constitutes a strong BFA and how to use them - and earn CPD points.

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