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Dividing Wealth held by a Family Trust

Practical Tips and Traps

Trillions of dollars of family wealth is held in discretionary trusts, often for the asset protection and tax effective strategies of an individual. With the introduction of the transfer balance cap rules and the lower super contribution limits, there is no other place to park wealth - hence, the discretionary family trust structure just becomes more popular. But what is commonly designed for one person doesn't work for multiple people – just ask the Reinhardt/Hancock families!

Significant family wealth is locked up in trusts and usually needs to be split amongst different branches of the family. This could occur either as part of an orderly family succession planning arrangement or a nasty relationship breakdown. No matter the approach, tax will follow.

This complimentary webinar will:

  • revisit and review alternatives to trust splitting;
  • highlight underlying issues with the family trust election rules which need to be taken into account in dividing trust wealth;
  • consider practical ways of managing unpaid present entitlements (UPEs); and,
  • look at the principle tax issues that must be addressed.

Join us for this practical session where you will discover valuable tips and tricks for dividing family wealth – plus earn CPD points.

Your Questions Answered
Email us your questions and we will endeavour to answer them during the course of the webinar.

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