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Our Values

At Coleman Greig our values are the essence of how we operate and what we believe. 
Most importantly, these values are shared at every level of the organisation and form the foundations of our overall culture.
“People” are at the core of our business. From clients who need advice and representation through to staff members who need growth and development, and the broader community with whom we interact on a daily basis, we understand that our stakeholders hold the key to our ongoing success and we value the role they play in our business.  
Our firm has a single purpose: to design and deliver outstanding legal services that meet the immediate needs of our clients today and their potential needs tomorrow. We are constantly striving to identify ways in which we can ensure our clients can meet the challenges ahead. 
We have a guiding vision for our firm that incorporates success, leadership, integrity, honesty and equity. We recognise and value vision and leadership in individuals and we encourage those qualities at all times and at all levels of the organisation.
Our firm is committed to working within, and supporting, our community. We are an integral part of the fabric of our community and we see it as our responsibility to give back to that community in the best way possible, actively supporting social, educational and environmental initiatives within our region.