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Laura Bazouni

Senior Associate

About Laura

Accredited Specialist, Dispute Resolution

Laura Bazouni is a Senior Associate and Accredited Dispute Resolution Specialist working within Coleman Greig's Litigation and Dispute Resolution team.

Highly skilled and experienced in commercial litigation, Laura has successfully advocated for a wide range of clients - including individuals, companies, insolvency practitioners, builders, strata managers, owners corporations and government agencies - across a variety industries, including but not limited to:

Laura provides comprehensive and practical legal advice based on her solid and thorough understanding of the law, whilst utilising a uniquely commercial approach.  Laura understands the impact that legal matters can have on the productivity and overall efficiency of a business, and is skilled at pursuing the most pragmatic legal avenues in order to minimise this potential impact wherever possible.

As a seasoned and robust advocate, Laura is held in high regard by her colleagues and is a well-known face throughout the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts.  Her passion for advocating on behalf of her clients means that she enjoys regularly appearing in court, as well as representing her clients in mediations and informal settlement conferences.  Laura has a proven track-record of obtaining successful outcomes for her clients - whether through alternative dispute resolution methods or conventional litigation.

Indeed, Laura's commercial approach to her clients' legal matters allows her to resolve disputes without the need for litigation through the adoption of proven alternative dispute resolution methods.  

Another of Laura's key strengths is her ability to explain complex legal issues in plain English terms, ensuring that her clients have a clear understanding of how their matters are progressing.  Laura is committed to working side-by-side with clients in helping them make well-informed and commercially sound decisions.

Laura is actively involved in running the Western Sydney Young Professionals networking group, designed as an opportunity for young professionals to achieve sustained career growth and development through establishing networks, building relationships and sharing knowledge.