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Stephen Booth


About Stephen

Since retiring from full time practice as Head of Coleman Greig’s Employment Law team, Stephen is now continuing to pursue his passion for helping families who have loved ones with intellectual disabilities or mental illness to ensure they have appropriate plans in place for the future. Having worked with parents and carers in this area since 1983, Stephen has developed a profound respect for how parents and carers handle the many challenges they and their families face.

In 2006 the Federal Government asked Stephen to write plain English language guides for estate planning and Special Disability Trusts to assist people with disabilities and their families - Planning for the future and Getting things sorted.

In 1999, Stephen wrote When I’m Gone, a plain English guide to will-making for parents of children with an intellectual disability and he is currently preparing a new edition of this publication.

Having practised as a lawyer since 1982, Stephen has worked across a range of legal areas including litigation and competition and trade practices law, with a particular focus on employment law. Stephen joined Coleman Greig in 1987 and established Coleman Greig’s Employment Law & Business Migration Team in 1994, and was Team Leader till 2020, when he retired from full-time practice as a Principal Lawyer.

Stephen continues to help advise families and carers on structures that will protect and promote the interests of their family members or friends with a disability or mental illness and optimise the management of their inheritance and other benefits, including social security entitlements.

If you require assistance with Wills and Estate Planning, and Trusts, including Special Disability Trusts, dealing with intellectual disability or mental health issues, please feel free to contact Stephen via email Stephen is also available as a speaker in this area.

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