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Ashlee Brew


About Ashlee

Ashlee Brew is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig's Property Law team. Highly skilled in legal research, Ashlee's attention to detail combined with her proactive nature ensures that clients' matters are handled in a timely and methodical manner at all times. 

One of Ashlee's strengths is the way in which she communicates with clients. Having worked with a diverse range of clients, Ashlee excels in discussing matters with clients using easily understandable and practical language. 

Prior to its merger with Coleman Greig, Ashlee worked for Dooley & Associates. Ashlee worked across Property Law, specifically in commercial leasing. She also assisted with conciliation, mediation and workplace issues for Employment Law and debt recovery and a range of commercial issues for Litigation. 

Ashlee has previously worked as a research assistant for a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University, focusing on the effects of climate change. This role involved assisting in drafting lecture material that was presented in both Germany and India. Ashlee also drafted a submission that was presented to Sydney Water Council and policy recommendations which were published by the Toda Peace Institute. Working in this capacity has honed Ashlee's substantial legal research skills and her ability to present complex information clearly and concisely.

Whilst at University, Ashlee assisted at a Community Legal Centre as a Paralegal where she conducted initial client interviews, assisted policy advocacy and law reform work, responded to general enquiries and referred clients to community and government agencies. Ashlee was also responsible for matter management, drafting legal documents and undertaking legal research.

Ashlee has also volunteered for the Children's Court Assistance Scheme, providing information about court processes and outcomes, support for young people and their carers, informal counselling, conflict resolution and referral to welfare services. 

She recently completed a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the Australian National University, focussing on employment law, and planning and environment law.