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Megan Day

Senior Associate

About Megan

Accredited Specialist, Family Law

Megan Day is a Senior Associate and key member of Coleman Greig's Family Law team. Megan is both an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, and an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Throughout her time as a family lawyer, Megan has successfully represented clients in matters relating to the separation of married and de-facto couples, divorce, parenting disputes and property settlements.  Megan is well versed in assisting clients to achieve binding private agreements with respect to child support, spousal maintenance and property division. Megan is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDR).

Megan was employed as a legal associate for a Judge of the Family Court of Australia. This gave her an in-depth understanding of how to communicate effectively with the court, and provided a unique insight into the Judicial decision-making process. Her wide-reaching experience in family law enables her to consider her client's case strategy from all angles and provide informed, practical and realistic advice to achieve the best results for her clients.

Passionate about helping those who have found themselves in harmful environments , Megan has significant experience in assisting victims of domestic violence. This experience has assisted her in achieving a thorough understanding of the impact that domestic violence can have, not just on the wellbeing of her clients and their families, but on their ongoing legal proceedings.

Although court proceedings are sometimes unavoidable, Megan looks to resolve disputes through collaborative negotiation wherever possible, aiming to minimise the emotional toll on both her clients and their children. Where court proceedings are deemed necessary, Megan is a passionate and highly regarded advocate, working tirelessly to achieve the best result possible for her clients at all times.

Alongside more common family law matters, Megan has assisted clients with issues surrounding:

  • The international abduction and relocation of children;
  • The recognition of overseas Orders in Australia;
  • Surrogacy Arrangements;
  • Complex parenting matters involving mental health, drug/alcohol addiction and family violence; and
  • Complex property matters involving interrelated companies and trusts.

Megan is a seasoned speaker, having presented seminars on both the effect of contentious family law disputes on children, and the consequences of death and dying in family law.  

Outside of work, Megan is a qualified ski instructor, and enjoys hitting the slopes.