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Amanda Malinowsky

Senior Associate

About Amanda

Accredited Specialist, Family Law

Amanda Malinowsky is a highly knowledgeable Accredited Specialist in Family Law and Independent Children's Lawyer working within Coleman Greig's Family Law team at Senior Associate level.

Having been a practicing solicitor since 2001, and with the past 15 years focused solely on family law, Amanda has developed an incredibly in-depth practical understanding of a diverse range of family law areas, including divorce, complex parenting and financial matters, Consent Orders and Child Support agreements - as well as, amongst others, niche proceedings requiring single expert evidence.

In line with her ability to effectively adapt her style of representation to a wide variety of clients and their associated family law proceedings, Amanda is experienced in advocating not only for parents looking to achieve mutually beneficial arrangements, but for other involved parties such as grandparents and extended-family members, through to business owners and shareholders of companies requiring extensive valuations as they relate to their property settlements.

Amanda has an inherent awareness of the ways in which matters pertaining to separate areas of law such as AVO's, conveyancing, and wills and estate planning have the potential to impact on her client's family law issues.  As such, she often works closely with external experts such as accountants, valuers and health care professionals in order to bring about the timely resolution of client matters.

In addition to the above, Amanda has successfully assisted clients with:

  • Complex financial and property matters involving valuations and the consideration of future re-zoning and land development;
  • Inheritances received post-separation;
  • Parenting issues relating to violence by children against both siblings and parents; and
  • Parenting matters involving young teenagers where disputes have occurred over what is in their best interests verses what that child believes is best for them.

Working closely with other Accredited Specialists in Coleman Greig's family law team to employ a cost-effective approach, Amanda caters to each client's individual level of understanding and experience circumstances, ensuring that they genuinely understand the process and application of the family law system to their unique situation throughout the entirety of their matter.