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Nicole Pearce


About Nicole

Nicole Pearce is a lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Family Law team.  Prior to her official admittance as a lawyer in the NSW Supreme Court, she gained significant experience through her time working within courts in both Sydney and Parramatta.  Nicole has worked closely with various Judicial Officers, and has held positions as both a Case Coordinator and Deputy Associate within the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Nicole’s in-depth and diverse level of court experience has left her with a truly unique and advantageous understanding of how matters progress within the Family Law Courts of Australia.  As an advocate, this insight allows her the confidence to approach court matters in a practical and discerning manner, with her experience working alongside Judicial Officers giving her an applicable appreciation for the different approaches taken by judges within the courtroom.

Nicole works closely with Coleman Greig’s accredited Family Law specialists in navigating the difficulties associated with client separations and relationship breakdowns.  She has also spent time working within rural areas of the state, which has given her a strong understanding of issues which can often impact rural clients such as limitations set by distance, and often - a lack of access to appropriate technology.

Nicole is charismatic, understanding and approachable – but above all, prides herself on being an open and clear communicator.  Her ability to break each procedural step down into layman’s terms has earned her a reputation as being easy to work with throughout both her professional and client relationships.  Nicole is necessarily practical in her advocacy, realistically recognising that at the end of proceedings – any and all orders granted by the court must work for both parties in order to avoid future litigation.

Nicole is passionate about the Western Sydney community, having worked within the Parramatta region for a number of years prior to joining Coleman Greig’s Family Law team.  In her leisure time, she enjoys staying fit and healthy – having previously played Premier League Soccer throughout high school, and continuing to play a range of sports recreationally.