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  • Proposed copyright law overhaul – what could it mean for your social media activity?
    Posted by on 13 Aug 2014
    Proposed amendments to Australia’s Copyright laws have been making headlines in recent weeks. According to a leaked copy of its discussion paper, the Australian federal government is proposing that internet service providers (ISPs), such as Telstra and Optus take measures to discourage or reduce online copyright infringement. If such changes are implemented Australia would have some of the most stringent anti-piracy measures in the Western world.
  • Facebook Government Data Request Report Results
    Posted by on 24 Sep 2013
    Social media is now, more than ever, an integral part of communicating on a daily basis. However, just like other forms of communication, what is said on social media, even in private conversations, is not free from legal jurisdiction. Like phone records, emails and text messages, orders can be made to provide information on Facebook accounts to the Courts. The governments of many countries make requests to Facebook to access account information of certain users that relate to criminal cases. Facebook has decided to launch a report on information they have been required to provide so that all users are aware.