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Domestic Violence & AVOs

Unfortunately in some relationships (married or de-facto) domestic violence and forms of abuse are a reality. When the relationship breaks down, or appears to be heading towards that conclusion, the violence or abuse can even escalate. If you are a victim of domestic violence, we urge you to seek help and assistance now before it is too late.
At Coleman Greig, our family lawyers are here to help. We understand both the legislation regarding domestic violence and the tools available to provide both relief and protection for victims. We can also offer advice on the various forms of Apprehended Violence Orders available, and help you to obtain an Order that is tailored to your individual situation and will protect you and your family.
Most importantly, our experienced lawyers in this area are non-threatening and non-judgmental. They have helped many, many clients in this type of matter and can help you navigate the process objectively and professionally.
Similarly if unfounded allegations of domestic violence or abuse have been made against you, we can provide advice regarding your legal options and help you to defend the allegations.

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