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Protecting Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

One of the key assets of any business is its Intellectual Property (IP). From registering trade marks, through to protection of information on databases and IT systems, the ability of a business to identify and manage potential risks to their IP is critical. This seminar will look at the various ways in which you can protect your business from potential threats and ultimately enforce your legal rights.  

What will be covered?

In this seminar, experienced IP lawyers will provide an overview of:

  • Trade marks, patents and copyright and the legal protections for each
  • Which information is confidential and which isn’t
  • Employees’ obligations to maintain confidentiality and respect IP rights: Contracts and policies and general legal obligations
  • Enforcing rights against employees: IP and confidentiality rights and post-employment restraints
  • Enforcing rights against competitors.
What are the learning outcomes?
At the end of this seminar, participants will have:
  • A refreshed understanding of the various types of IP and confidentiality issues, and available protections, and how to put these in place
  • A number of tips, strategies and risk-management actions to maximise protections without costly disputes
  • Guidance on practical decision-making and enforcement action when an employee has left
  • Awareness of the principles behind the law on confidentiality and restraint clauses and when they will, and won’t, work.
Who should attend?

Any Director or Manager, regardless of their function within an organisation, will benefit from an overview of how to protect their business’ IP and confidential information.

  • 2-hour interactive seminar
  • Tailored to your specific issues, concerns and training needs
  • Flexible group sizes – usually 10-24 participants.
Further information contact:
Emma Macfarlane, Principal
Phone: +61 2 9895 9226

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