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Divorce & Separation

Separation and divorce are stressful for individuals and families. At Coleman Greig our family lawyers can help you through the process by providing the benefits of many years of practical experience in all aspects of family law.
It is always advisable to seek legal advice as soon as a separation occurs to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities. We can provide advice on whether you meet the legal grounds for divorce, whether you are required to seek mediation or counseling services, and what your legal rights might be should a divorce proceed. We can also provide advice on the rights of your children if you have any, and the best way to proceed to minimise any emotional stress or trauma to them.
Most importantly, divorce does not automatically mean that you and your partner have to attend Court. At Coleman Greig we offer alternatives to litigation, such as Collaborative Family Law, that can ensure your separation is finalised without the need to go to Court and that all parties are treated fairly and equitably.

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