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Directors' Duties: How to comply and manage the risks

This seminar provides a critical overview of the potential risks to a business or individual that can arise from a breach of legislation concerning the role and responsibilities of a director. Drawing on the significant experience and expertise of the Coleman Greig team in this field, it highlights the legal obligations of a Director and the implications of non-compliance, including the potential penalties and liabilities that can arise.

What will be covered?
The session will cover:
  • Corporations Act and common law obligations of directors
  • Duties arising from other legislation: eg Australian Consumer Law, Work Health & Safety Act, environmental legislation
  • Potential penalties and liabilities
  • The business judgment rule
  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance: what it does and doesn’t cover
  • Practical protections: access to information, sound corporate governance, asset management.
What are the learning outcomes?
Team members who attend this seminar will gain:
  • an understanding of the role of a director and the policy behind the law
  • Awareness of the range and severity of risks
  • Tips on how best to be on top of directors’ obligations and manage risk
  • Ability to identify risky situations and respond effectively
Who should attend?

This seminar provides a vital overview for all Directors and prospective Directors in a business.

  • 2-hour interactive seminar
  • Tailored to your specific issues, concerns and training needs
  • Flexible group sizes – usually 10-24 participants.
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