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Consumer Law: How not to be misleading or deceptive

This seminar highlights how careful businesses need to be to ensure that any communication they have with consumers is compliant with the necessary regulations. It will provide an overview of the current laws and how they may be applied in the marketplace, as well as the penalties that can be imposed for non-compliance.

What will be covered?

The session will cover:

  • S18 Australian Consumer Law (the old section 52): though shalt not mislead or deceive in trade and commerce
  • How this applies to sales pitches and promotional campaigns
  • Risky conduct
  • The dominant message and the devil in the detail
  • Who will complain: consumers, competitors, the ACCC?
  • Comparative advertising
  • The need to be able to substantiate
  • Possible penalties or liability
  • Risk management and handling complaints.

What are the learning outcomes?

Participants will gain:

  • A refreshed understanding of the potential issues and risks to their business
  • A greater awareness of risky promotional claims and offers and what constitutes a breach of the regulations
  • Increased focus on the areas to get right and how to respond to consumer issues
  • The ability to recognise, and respond to, infringements by competitors.

Who should attend?

This highly interactive and practical session will give all Managers, as well as Sales and Marketing Teams, the skills and knowledge they need to ensure their marketing and sales campaigns are compliant with Australian consumer law.


  • 2-hour interactive seminar
  • Tailored to your specific issues, concerns and training needs
  • Flexible group sizes – usually 10-24 participants.

For more information contact:

Stephen Booth, Principal
 Coleman Greig phone number +61 2 9895 9222 

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