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Behaving Badly in the Workplace

This highly practical and relevant seminar will look at how to handle unacceptable behaviour in the workplace; such as harassment, bullying, discrimination, aggression, swearing, insubordination, and the effects of drugs and alcohol.

What will be covered?

The session will cover:

  • The areas of law which can be a risk for an employer where employees behave inappropriately
  • Vicarious liability for employee conduct
  • What standard of conduct does the law expect in the workplace?
  • Workplace practice and policies:  what are your standards of conduct?
  • Implications of condoning bad behaviour
  • Grievance handling and investigations
  • Taking disciplinary action and risk management. 

What are the learning outcomes?

At the end of the seminar, participants can expect:

  • To have a greater understanding of the various standards of conduct that might apply to your workplace
  • To gain insights into the application of existing or desirable workplace policies
  • Increased confidence in handling employee complaints and imposing discipline where required
  • To have the ability to manage risks arising from employee conduct issues.

Who should attend?

All managers and HR teams will benefit from attending this seminar.  It will enable them to set realistic and appropriate behavioural standards for the workplace and better manage any issues that may arise.

Note: This presentation can also be run for employees generally, tailored to your specific needs, as a training session on what is, and is not, acceptable workplace conduct.


  • 2-hour interactive seminar
  • Tailored to your specific issues, concerns and training needs
  • Flexible group sizes – usually 10-24 participants. 

For more information contact:

Stephen Booth, Principal
 Coleman Greig phone number +61 2 9895 9222 

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