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Digital Media & Technology

Digital media and technology is fast becoming embedded in the way we go about our daily lives as both individuals and as businesses.

With such a reliance on digital media and technology to connect, promote and facilitate, there can be great risk. An issue in this area can negatively impact your brand in both the short and long-term.

At Coleman Greig, we have a genuine passion for all things digital media and technology. Our aim is to help you understand the world of digital media and technology from a risk management perspective, providing you with step-by-step advice in order to help you resolve problems and understand the legal issues at hand.

Importantly, we don’t just support you when things go wrong. Our firm believes in being proactive and working alongside you to minimise risk from the outset. Identifying possible social media pitfalls and guiding you in responding to negative customer feedback are just some of the ways we help you to get the best from your digital media and technology experience.

Our knowledge in this area is both expansive and current and is supplemented by actively keeping up with the latest developments in social media and technology.

In addition to providing and delivering advice that you can understand, Coleman Greig has substantial experience in resolving a wide range of disputes. Should you require, we are also experienced in litigating matters in the Local, District and Supreme Courts.

We can help you with:

  • Risk management in relation to your online presence
  • Data protection
  • Privacy, security and spam issues
  • Advice and guidance in relation to your social media channels including posting, handling controversial comments and monitoring posts
  • Website and software (including application) terms and conditions
  • Advice on technology agreements
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Managing employees in relation to social media in the workplace

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  • My lips are zipped - 6 Oct 2020
    Melissa McGrath
    Can an emoji be defamatory? In our latest article, Principal Lawyer Melissa McGrath outlines what you need to know when it comes to the latest defamation case where a 'zipper face' emoji was used in response to an online comment.
  • NSW first to legislate national defamation law reforms - 23 Sep 2020
    Melissa McGrath
    NSW Parliament is the first jurisdiction in Australia to legislate the Model Defamation Amendment Provisions 2020. In this article, Principal Lawyer Melissa McGrath explains what the defamation law reforms hope to achieve and the key implications for business owners.
  • New Penalties Recommended for Privacy Infringements - 13 Aug 2019
    Rebecca Hegarty
    The ACCC recently released its Digital Platforms Inquiry which, although focused on the impact of digital platforms (Google and Facebook) on competition in the media and advertising markets, also touched upon privacy-related issues. Amongst the recommendations, they included the strengthening of protections in the Privacy Act and the privacy law regime in general.
  • CBD-Style Legal Services Now on the Doorstep for Campbelltown-Macarthur Residents - 23 Jul 2019
    Warrick McLean
    Residents and businesses within the Campbelltown-Macarthur region now have access to a wider range of commercial and personal legal services, expertise and support following Coleman Greig Lawyers' opening of offices in the centrally-located Oran Park Podium.
  • Preventing and Resolving Software Implementation Disputes - 14 May 2019
    Mario Rashid-Ring
    Conflicts often arise between businesses and the providers of their software solutions. Unfortunately, what often follows is that the software implementations are stalled and delayed, there are losses to productivity, wasted expenditure on investment, significant legal fees, and unfulfilled expectations and disappointment on both sides of the fence.

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