Wills for Parents of People with an Intellectual Disability

There are many considerations for parents of people with an intellectual disability when making a Will. The most important aim will always be to ensure that their child is taken care of and can access funds for care and treatment; however there are also practical issues to think of such as their child’s inability to manage the assets themselves.
At Coleman Greig we have particular expertise in the preparation of Wills and estate planning for parents of children with disability. 
Principal Stephen Booth has been involved in this area for many years and was asked by the Department of Family and Community Services to write plain English booklets for families on the issue of Special Disability Trusts when new laws and regulations came into force concerning this area. 
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The Wills & Estate Planning team at Coleman Greig can provide assistance to anyone who is looking for advice or representation in this area.
We can help individuals and families with the planning of their estate and the preparation of legal tools such as Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship. We can also provide assistance with the administration of estates to those appointed Executors of a Will, and advice to those who may feel they have a legitimate challenge to a Will.
“Thanks very much for assisting me in reaching my goal of having a will and an enduring power of attorney all sorted out. The process once I started the ball rolling, was I must say very smooth and an enjoyable experience…..  Again, thanks for your advice, words of wisdom and assistance.”
                             Charles Warda


  • Plain English Guide to Special Disability Trust - 1 Jul 2015
    The Federal Government introduced Special Disability Trusts into social security legislation in 2006, aiming to encourage private provision of accommodation and care for people with a disability. In the right circumstances, using a Special Disability Trust allows parents (and other family members) to provide assets for a person with a severe disability without affecting the person’s entitlement to the disability support pension.

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