Contested Estates

If you are an executor of an Estate or a beneficiary caught up in a dispute, it can be a difficult and stressful time. To alleviate some of these stresses, you should seek legal advice.

Contested Estates is a complex area of the law. Only “eligible persons” can make a claim under the Succession Act and even for those people, there are criteria and factors that make each case unique.

If you think you have been left out of a Will unfairly, or you have not been properly provided for in a Will, and fit into one of the categories of “eligible persons”, you may be able to make a claim.

Persons who may be eligible to claim include:

  • A spouse of the deceased, including a de facto spouse or a person in a domestic relationship with the deceased at the date of death (including same sex relationships) 
  • A child of the deceased 
  • A former spouse of the deceased 
  • A person who was dependant on the deceased.

Lawyers from the Litigation & Dispute Resolution team at Coleman Greig have considerable experience working with the Succession Act (and its predecessor, the Family Provision Act) and can provide sound and realistic advice to clients who are executors or beneficiaries of an Estate or who think they may have a legitimate claim on an Estate. Our lawyers can review the case, determine the key issues, including the likelihood of success and the steps you should take moving forward.

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The Wills & Estate Planning team at Coleman Greig can provide assistance to anyone who is looking for advice or representation in this area.
We can help individuals and families with the planning of their estate and the preparation of legal tools such as Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship. We can also provide assistance with the administration of estates to those appointed Executors of a Will, and advice to those who may feel they have a legitimate challenge to a Will.
“Thanks very much for assisting me in reaching my goal of having a will and an enduring power of attorney all sorted out. The process once I started the ball rolling, was I must say very smooth and an enjoyable experience…..  Again, thanks for your advice, words of wisdom and assistance.”
                             Charles Warda


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