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In business, and in your personal life, there are times when you need documents to be certified as accurate copies or you need an official “witness” to your signature on a contract or other document. In most instances, a Justice of the Peace (JP) can provide that service: they can review copies of documents and attest to their accuracy or legal status, and they can witness the sign up of documents.
However, a JP’s official capacity is usually only recognised within a particular country. If a document is to be used internationally, then a Public Notary should be used. Usually a practising lawyer or barrister, a Notary Public can perform the administrative functions of a JP in an international forum, including administering oaths, witnessing documents, statutory declarations and affidavits.

At Coleman Greig our Public Notary Services are efficient, reliable and easily accessible at our central locations in Western Sydney. Our notarial services are regularly used by locally based subsidiaries of multinationals and by Australian organisations seeking to do business outside Australia.

We provide notarial services from our offices or in our clients’ offices.

We can help you with:
  • Preparation and certification of Powers of Attorney, Wills, Deeds, contracts and other legal documents for use in Australia and internationally 
  • Witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations, contracts and other legal documents 
  • Certification of photocopied documents 
  • Preparation marine protests 
  • Protest notes and bills of exchange 
  • Attestation of documents and certification of their due execution for use in Australia and internationally

For more information, or to make an appointment at one of our offices, contact us.

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