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Wills & Estate Planning

The effective planning of your overall estate and its allocation is critical. Marriage, separation or divorce, house purchases and other significant events may all impact on the way you manage your assets and how you would like your estate to be distributed after your death. Obligations under the law to family members and others also need consideration and for some people the tax consequences of the succession process are critical.

At Coleman Greig we don’t just prepare a Will and associated documents for you, we sit down with you to discuss your own personal situation and determine the best solution to make sure that you protect both your assets and your family and friends.

Our Wills & Estate Planning team works closely with financial advisers and tax experts to investigate the regulations and issues surrounding your estate plan and works with you to make sure that you understand the implications.
We can help you with:
  • "Demystifying" the estate planning process with plain English explanations 
  • Administration of your estate 
  • Defending or making claims upon an estate 
  • Keeping safe custody of your Will 
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney 
  • Preparing Enduring Guardianship appointments 
  • Regular prompting to review your estate plan and Will at the various milestones in your life 
  • Setting up various trusts

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Wills & Estate Planning - Our Clients

The Wills & Estate Planning team at Coleman Greig can provide assistance to anyone who is looking for advice or representation in this area.
We can help individuals and families with the planning of their estate and the preparation of legal tools such as Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship. We can also provide assistance with the administration of estates to those appointed Executors of a Will, and advice to those who may feel they have a legitimate challenge to a Will.
“Thanks very much for assisting me in reaching my goal of having a will and an enduring power of attorney all sorted out. The process once I started the ball rolling, was I must say very smooth and an enjoyable experience…..  Again, thanks for your advice, words of wisdom and assistance.”
                             Charles Warda


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Wills & Estate Planning