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There are a number of Australian visas intended to meet the skilled employment needs of Australian businesses. The options range from short stay visas such as the subclass 956 Business Electronic Travel Authority intended for short term business visits of up to three months to the four year 457 employment visa. 

Coleman Greig has extensive experience in arranging subclass 457 visas, and is able to advise which Visa is the most appropriate for your needs. Recruiting the right person for your business is your responsibility but our responsibility will be to ensure they receive the most appropriate visa in the shortest possible time.

Temporary Business Visa - Subclass 457

The subclass 457 visa allows Australian businesses to sponsor skilled workers to work in Australia for up to four years. Applying for this visa is a three stage process requiring approval of your business as a Standard Business Sponsor, Nomination of a skilled position and an application for a visa for the prospective employee.

To become a Standard Business Sponsor the employer must be:
  • lawfully and actively operating a business 
  • the direct employer of the employee 
  • have a demonstrated commitment to providing training to its Australian employees
  • have a good business record and abide by immigration laws

Visa applicants must demonstrate they have the personal attributes and employment background that is relevant to and consistent with the nomination position and, in some cases meet English Language and Skills testing requirements.

Employer Nomination Scheme – Permanent Residence

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) is a two step process leading to Permanent Residence and requiring approval of the Employer's nomination and then lodgment of the nominee's visa application. The position needs to be fulltime and available for three years with the possibility of renewal. The duties of the position must also correspond to the usual tasks of an occupation on the Employer Nomination Skilled Occupation List. The minimum salary is $45,220 and the intended position is to be carried out in a particular location.

As the ENS is a permanent visa, the requirements are more stringent than the subclass 457 visa and employees must be under 45 years, meet any mandatory licensing requirements, have a successful skills assessment and have vocational level English.  Exemptions from age, skill and English levels may be sought under “exceptional circumstance” provisions on a case-by-case basis. This usually involves the making of detailed submissions.

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The experienced immigration lawyers and migration agents at Coleman Greig can provide advice and representation to both individuals and employers seeking assistance with visa applications and immigration.
To date we have acted on behalf of companies in a variety of industries who require advice regarding business migration including: information technology, technology, manufacturing, recruitment, education, research and science based organisations.


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