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Performance Management and Employment Terminations

The constantly changing and complex nature of workplace legislation has meant employers are increasingly exposed to risks associated with terminating the employment relationship.
Performance Management has become a significant issue for many businesses and sound legal advice is required to reduce the likelihood of future employment disputes and to ensure that your processes are sound, fair and compliant with any legislative requirements.
At Coleman Greig we can help minimise the risk to your business by providing accessible and practical advice, in real time, on issues such as performance management, misconduct investigations, termination process, summary dismissals and redundancies. We can assist you with: 
  • drafting or vetting letters
  • advising on processes suitable to circumstances
  • scripting discussions for use with employees in performance management interviews
  • acting as an independent investigator of allegations against an employee, including interviewing witnesses, providing report and recommendations on action to be taken where applicable
With respect to terminations, our experienced lawyers can also provide sound and current advice on employee entitlements on termination (including notice and redundancy scales or calculations, leave entitlements, bonuses etc).

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