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Enterprise Agreements, Employment Contracts and Workplace Policies

Employing staff is one of the most important things a business does. Getting the right people and having a common understanding of what is expected from the start is essential for the whole employment relationship. How that relationship is established at the beginning is critical, particularly if it is necessary to part ways with the employee later on.

 At Coleman Greig we can help you ensure the employment relationship is set up right from the start:
Fair Work Act enterprise agreements
  • advising on, drafting or vetting and amending as required 
  • advising on process for provision of proposed agreement to employees, process for approval and for lodgement in compliance with legislative requirements 
  • advice on issues concerning compliance with Better Off Overall Test and dealings with Fair Work and Fair Work Ombudsman.  
Employment contracts
  • advising on standard or tailored common law employment contracts 
  • drafting or vetting and amending as required 
  • particular attention to inclusion of enforceable restraint and confidentiality provisions.  
Employees and contractors
  • advising on distinction between these classes of staff 
  • assessing particular employment/independent contract situations 
  • preparing contracts for independent contractors with a view to confirming status as contractor rather than employee 
  • advising on disputes as to unfair contracts under Federal Independent Contractors Act or under s106 Industrial Relations Act NSW.  
Workplace policies
  • advising on workplace policies relating to discrimination, email/internet use, drug and alcohol use, WHS, workplace surveillance policies, or workplace handbooks/manuals, and drafting or vetting as required 
  • advising on implementation, communication, training and managing change issues arising from policy changes 
  • addressing issues such as possible contractual effect of policies.  
Immigration compliance
  • ensuring that employees have the right to work in Australia
  • managing issues with the Department of Immigration
  • applications for sponsorship of employees to Australia and related immigration applications.

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Enterprise Agreements, Employment Contracts and Workplace Policies - Our Clients

Coleman Greig’s team of experienced employment lawyers provides quality advice and representation to a diverse range of clients. These clients include family businesses employing less than fifty staff members, through to subsidiaries of multi-national organisations with hundreds of employees, public and privately owned companies. 
Our employment and OHS experts have earned an enviable reputation over the years. Working closely with clients from a range of industry sectors, the team provides quality advice that ensures compliance with relevant legislation, and expert representation in the Courts and Tribunals when required.
We currently act for clients from fields as diverse as banking and finance, local government, franchising, retail, manufacturing, building and construction, professional services, food and hospitality and the not-for-profit sector.
"Coleman Greig take a much broader and longer term perspective approach to their client base, helping solve issues which may not be great revenue raisers for Coleman & Greig but assist in cementing our relationship on a longer term basis."

Michael Biddle, Managing Director, Capital Safety

"Imation ANZ would like to thank Coleman Greig for the sound uncomplicated advice we have received over the years. It really makes a difference knowing we can reach out and be assured to receive timely sound advice from you. Also, the very informative and enlightening Workshops and Seminars we attend help ensure the running of our business in a compliant manner."

Bernadette Strang, APAC Region HR Coordinator, Imation ANZ


Enterprise Agreements, Employment Contracts and Workplace Policies - Useful Links