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Director's Responsibilities

A Director of a business has an obligation to ensure that a company operates at the highest possible standards, complies with the relevant legislation governing corporations and attends to basic “housekeeping” tasks appropriately.
The penalties that can be applied to Directors who fail to meet these obligations are considerable. If you are a Director of a company, the team at Coleman Greig can help you understand your role and obligations – and minimise your personal and corporate risk of liability. 
We work with you and your business to ensure compliance with the legislation regarding your business practices and to ensure your business adequately communicates the rights and responsibilities of directors and maintains relevant policies and procedures to safeguard individuals.
We can help you with:
  • Due diligence to identify issues 
  • Corporate governance policy 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Compliance manuals 
  • Compliance training 
  • Legal representation in Court 
  • Advice on asset protection.

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Director's Responsibilities - Our Clients

The commercial lawyers at Coleman Greig work with numerous clients to ensure that directors and Board members understand their roles, their rights and their obligations under current legislation.
Our team has considerable experience in this area, working with large multi-national organisations, public companies, family businesses and various not-for-profit organisations. Our lawyers have specific expertise in this field and can provide both advice and representation, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and minimising risk to the business and the individual directors.
Coleman & Greig have had a relationship with Northcott Disability Services for over 15 years, and the relationship has been a very successful and rewarding one for Northcott…. I have always found the staff at Coleman & Greig to be professional, approachable, and of the highest integrity.
Kerry Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer Northcott Disability Services