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Competition and Consumer Law

All businesses need to be aware of how competition law affects the way they operate within a particular market: what you can and can’t do, what your competitors can and can’t do, and what the ACCC can do.

Legislation sets general "fairness" parameters for commercial conduct, outlawing "misleading or deceptive conduct," and "unconscionable" conduct, covering product liability issues and product recalls. From a legal perspective, it is essential to minimise the risk of infringements, or breaches of this legislation, to avoid heavy fines, public relations and cost implications.

Every business has its own issues and its own risks, depending on its position in its market and the activities of competitors. "One size" does not fit all. Coleman Greig has specialist expertise in the area of trade practices and has been advising and representing clients in the field for many years.


We can help you with:

  • Action against anti-competitive conduct engaged in by others in the market 
  • Competition law implications of business activities including:

    - Misuse of market power
    - Price fixing and resale price maintenance
    - Exclusionary arrangements
    - Exclusive dealing and refusals to supply 

  • Disputes about misleading or deceptive conduct in commercial dealings 
  • The parameters of "unconscionable conduct" 
  • Implementing and managing product recalls.

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Competition and Consumer Law - Our Clients

Coleman Greig’s team of experienced commercial lawyers provides quality advice and representation to a diverse range of clients. Our commercial clients include family businesses and private and publicly owned companies including subsidiaries of multi-national organisations. 
Our experience and expertise crosses numerous industry sectors including manufacturing, franchising, building and construction, retail, services, not-for-profit, finance and government. Over the years our team has developed an in-depth understanding of the issues facing all businesses in general, as well as the particular issues that arise in different industries. 
As a client, you can be sure that we understand your business, your operating environment and the commercial issues you face.
….(Coleman Greig provide the) same level of expertise and experience as you would get at a top tier CBD-based firm but are more accessible and it is much easier to get a quick turnaround at a very reasonable price.”
Stephen Millar, Vice President, Brady Corporation.


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