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Liquor Licensing

Liquor licensing and gaming is a complicated area of law that can turn into a bureaucratic minefield. For clients in the hospitality industry who require a liquor license or gaming approval, the right legal advice and assistance can mean the difference between running a successful business versus having a license revoked or not approved in the first place.
At Coleman Greig, we have the experience and expertise necessary to manage the application process for you and provide practical, cost effective advice on the relevant licensing requirements. We can also represent you in the Liquor Licensing Court and negotiate on your behalf with the relevant government bodies.
We can help you with:
  • Advice regarding the various types of license 
  • Applying for a liquor license 
  • Advice regarding license requirements 
  • Representation in the Licensing Court 
  • Advising and representing clients in relation to complaints and offences 
  • Liaising with local council and other relevant bodies to expedite the approval of your liquor licence application.

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