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Parenting Issues

During the course of a family breakdown there are many emotional issues to deal with, none more so than parenting arrangements.
  • Where will the children live?
  • When will each parent get to see the children?
  • How long will each parent have with the children?
These questions form the basis of any parenting arrangements made, yet at the core of those arrangements must be the key issue of what is in the child/children’s best interests.
At Coleman Greig, our experienced team of family lawyers can help you and your family to develop parenting arrangements that place the interests of your children first and foremost. We can negotiate arrangements on your behalf, minimising the emotional upheaval and potential trauma placed on your children, and we can work with you to ensure compliance with the arrangements after they have been made.
In the vast majority of cases Parenting Agreements can be reached between the parties concerned and we ensure they are legally binding. However, in the event that an Agreement cannot be reached, or if there are extenuating circumstances and Court proceedings are required to resolve parenting and custody issues, our lawyers are also highly experienced litigators and determined to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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