Update: Standards Australia put AS 11000 on hold

Nick Kallipolitis

In a recent article, I outlined the key proposed changes to the Australian Standards General Conditions of Contract for building contracts in the planned new draft version of Standard Australia’s ‘AS 11000’. This new standard intended to replace the current standard form of contracts AS2124:1992 and AS4000:1997, and merge them into one new set of general conditions of contract.

As of 4 April, Standards Australia has announced that "despite the Technical Committee’s best efforts and commitment to the draft, the document was not supported by the full spectrum of interests." Read the full statement. As a result of this news, both the AS 2124:1992 and AS4000:1997 will remain in use. However, the draft AS11000 has provided stakeholders such as developers, principals and contractors with valuable considerations with contractual issues likely to be addressed in a future versions of the Australian Standards contracts. 

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