Journalist Sarah Ferguson spills the beans on 'The Killing Season' with Women in Business in Parramatta

She has uncovered some of the most controversial issues on Australian television in recent years and last Thursday night journalist Sarah Ferguson spoke candidly about her behind-the-scenes experience on ‘The Killing Season’ – an explosive examination on the forces shaping the ALP during the Rudd/Gillard years.

The ABC series detailed the period of political intrigue and instability, providing compelling viewing for Australians. Sarah’s candid insight into what happened and her reflections on Julia Gillard as our first female Prime Minister have been elaborated on in her recently released book by the same name.

Speaking to over 100 Western Sydney professionals at the Women in Business networking event, Sarah captivated guests with the challenges she faced in interviewing subjects who had made it clear that they didn’t want to be involved and didn’t trust the media following the leadership fallout.

Self-deprecating, Sarah outlined her failed attempts to connect with Gillard through humour and shoes – items she freely admits neither was particularly interested in. Quick to point out her own failings in the process, Sarah was particularly blunt in her assessment of the media’s role in the events that took place, repeating on several occasions the need for people to critically analyse what they read and listen to.

Rebecca Hegarty, MC, Coleman Greig, said that “Sarah really stressed the need to be authentic and have a good sense of humour when developing a rapport – characteristics I think we can all agree are essential, regardless of our profession.

“I really learned a lot about just how much time, energy and skill Sarah devoted to making sure all sides were presented as neutrally as possible – including a gruelling 18 hour interview with Kevin Rudd.”

Sarah is a Gold Walkley award-winning journalist and presenter of the ABC's Four Corners program. She is also well-known for her damning expose on live meat exports to Indonesia, and her incredible insight into domestic violence in the ABC series ‘Hitting Home’.

Every guest took home a copy of ‘The Killing Season Uncut’. Importantly, they also went home with a much greater appreciation of a period of political intrigue and instability that gripped the nation.