Parramatta Registry

Karina Ralston

This year proved to be a busy year for the Parramatta Registry. The retirement of Judge Donald has compounded further delays in securing interim and final hearing dates. Presently Judge Dunkley, Judge Harman and Judge Newbrun don’t have dates for Interim hearings much before April 2016. The Judges have also indicated that there are only a few remaining dates in 2016 for final hearings and it is anticipated that 2017 will begin to be allocated shortly.

The Registry is indicating that it is now taking between 18 to 24 months to determine matters on a final basis. The delay is resulting in Interim Hearings taking on more importance as parties are often ‘stuck’ with the arrangements determined at an interim hearing for a further 12 months.

The Judges have requested that practitioners provide assistance in allocating sufficient time for hearing, an accurate estimate for hearing time and take all steps necessary to ensure that the matter is ready to proceed.