Current Fees to Remain for Federal Circuit Court and Family Circuit Court of Australia

Karina Ralston

An increase in fees was recently proposed under the Federal Courts Legislation Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2015 ("the Regulation") for the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia.
The Regulation sought a significant increase to the current fees payable in the two Courts, both in relation to filing fees for documents including Applications, Responses, Subpoenas, etc and event fees - including setting down of hearing fees, daily hearing fees and Conciliation Conference fees. These fees were to come into effect on 1 July 2015.
On 25 June 2015 the Regulation was the subject of a successful motion to disallow by the senate. Accordingly, the proposed fee increases will not be implemented, and the current fees will remain in place. For your ease of reference, please view the Family and Federal Circuit Court of Australia fees.