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IP Quick Intellect

Month: May 2013

  • Sticks and Stones? Words can actually hurt too...
    Posted by on 28 May 2013
    As a member of Generation X, I am embracing the whole social media revolution. I know that social media is a great marketing tool and it can also be a great way to keep in touch.  However, given the commercial risks associated with social media and the potential for such enormous backlash from both the media and followers, you sometimes have to wonder is it is really worth all the effort?
  • Winner of our next Social Media Seminar!
    Posted by on 24 May 2013
    Congratulations Rudi Baker from Kawasaki who is the winner of our Social Media Seminar Series tickets! Thank you to everyone who signed up to our blog. We look forward to seeing you at our coming events and receiving your comments on here. 
  • Could a user liking your Wall post result in the removal of your Page by Facebook?
    Posted by on 23 May 2013
    As a regular user of Facebook, I am seeing an increasing number of competitions and promotions run by various companies that are potentially breaching the applicable Facebook terms and conditions. This is probably because those companies don’t even know that there are specific terms that govern such promotions! In fact, running a Facebook promotion requires companies to comply with even more regulations than a print media or radio campaign. For instance, in addition to ensuring that all advertising and promotions comply with the applicable laws, and are in no way misleading and deceptive, the use of the Facebook platform by a company for promotions and advertising is also subject to the Facebook Page Terms and Facebook Advertising Guidelines (“Facebook Terms”). So what is the 'fine print' regarding Facebook promotions?
  • Like Us on Facebook? How a Social Media Policy Can Save Your Business
    Posted by Anna Ford on 17 May 2013
    In these days of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Instagram, the things your employees are saying about you on social media can have a major impact on what people think of your business, and the reputation you have in the marketplace. Whilst no employer could hope to control an employee's every thought and action, you can provide them with clear guidelines as to your expectations in regard to what, and when, they post on social media ..... as well as any possible consequences that can arise from their actions.