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Month: June 2013

  • Gay Marriage – what’s your view?
    Posted by on 17 Jun 2013
    Gay marriage is such a hot topic right now. Just recently I had a family dinner and OMG, the discussion about gay marriage was fierier than mum’s chilli chicken! With all the recent news about gay marriage it was a topic that was inevitably going to come up but I honestly did not expect such a great divide at the dinner table on this issue. So in the news recently, France and New Zealand passed legislation to support gay marriage. Now, Brazil has become the third and largest Latin American country to give a green light to gay marriage, the ruling drawing praise from gay marriage rights activists in Rio. Turning to Australia, Kevin Rudd has recently expressed that he now supports gay marriage. Experts say these latest developments will affect the future of Australia's popular and political stance on the issue – the question now is will Australia follow suit and legalise gay marriage?