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Month: July 2011

  • Abuse – the broader definition
    Posted by on 25 Jul 2011
    I recently read a travel article about an Asian country where it is considered very offensive to ruffle a child’s hair in public, however it was perfectly normal to grab a young child’s private parts in a show of affection. In Australia seeing this action would most likely spring one word to mind – abuse. Now, take five seconds to ask yourself, what you would consider to be child abuse? I would say chances are you mentioned the words physical, sexual and assault in your definition. If those were the only words featuring in your definition, then consider yourself on par with the legislative minds of yesteryear.
  • Shared parenting or shared heartache?
    Posted by on 19 Jul 2011
    An article in the June 2011 edition of the ‘Australian Women’s Weekly’ highlights the difficulties many families experience when dealing with the Family Court system, and illustrates how changes to the system may not suit every situation. As the writer of the article notes, the Family Court was initially established in 1976 as an approachable and more ‘caring’ Court – judges’ wigs were removed and a more informal approach was adopted. The subsequent removal of the need to prove who was at ‘fault’ in divorce proceedings then created a huge increase in the number of divorce applications and the Family Court has struggled to keep up with demand ever since.