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Month: February 2012

  • Posted by on 8 Feb 2012
    I came across an article in the SMH last week about the increase in Divorce Etiquette books across the UK. Now I am not going to comment about our friends the English and their unending pursuit of ‘decorum’ but I will say that the idea of etiquette between parties after separation is a lost cause. Now I am not being pessimist, nor am I saying that divorced parties lack decorum in their dealings with each other. Not at all. In my view how the parties behave after divorce is often the result of their behaviour during the divorce and before that the reasons for divorce.
  • Posted by on 1 Feb 2012
    It’s been a year since the divorce  was formalised(or two since the de facto relationship ended), the experience, along with the whole package has long been packed, dusted and consciously (or subconsciously) put to rest in the deepest darkest cavern of your memories, finally over. Or is it?

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