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Month: August 2011

  • Posted by on 30 Aug 2011
    It seems that we still can’t get enough of all the ‘post baby bodies’. I’m into fashion and beauty as much as the next person but in the last couple of weeks it seemed that no matter which channel I tuned into, there was Miranda Kerr showing her post baby non-existent bump. Which in turn lead to images or footage of Doutzen Kroes, Eva Herzigova and Heidi Klum also parading to prove the possibility of strutting the catwalks only 2 months after giving birth. During this maternity media frenzy I came across an article in the Sydney Morning Herald which discussed not only the reasons behind these new catwalk mums being able to regain their pre-baby bodies (it is their established pre-natal exercise routines if you are wondering) but how motherhood has become beautiful and glamorous now after a period of appalling avoidance.
  • Posted by on 16 Aug 2011
    Regardless of how wealthy, important or famous a couple is, when they decide to separate or divorce the health and well-being of any children should remain at the top of their list of priorities. The recent separation of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony has caused the celebrity websites and tabloid magazines to go into overdrive trying to cover (or more realistically, guess) the reasons for the split, who is at fault and what will happen next. It was therefore only a matter of time before the hot-potato issue of child 'custody' raised its head!
  • Posted by on 5 Aug 2011
    One of my favourite TV shows is QI, it’s fantastic. Add Stephen Fry to a mix of 4 comedians, one of whom is a core ingredient, Alan Davies, along with a batch of general questions and watch for 25 minutes. The result is guaranteed to be delightful and mentally challenging. For those familiar with the show, it is a well known fact that one of the reasons the show is so stimulating is because it addresses many misconceptions and misunderstandings that have hazily hovered in the recesses of our minds until they took the form of influential illusions. In the labyrinth of Law there exist familiar phrases of the kind the French like to call ‘faux amis’ or false friends. Those illusive terms that seem to give legal lingo its fluency. In Family Law there exist quite a few but I will only cover three of the most common.

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