Leave Entitlements

Managing the details of leave entitlements is an ongoing challenge for HR and payroll, and with Fair Work's 4 Yearly review producing changes to annual leave and introducing Award-based domestic violence leave, it's important to be on top of the new rules.

This workshop will discuss these changes, and answer all those "curly questions" about leave which come out of left field, because life doesn't fit neatly into the simple scenarios contemplated by the Act and Awards!

Our experienced employment lawyers Stephen Booth, Anna Ford and Shanni Zoeller will cover:

Parental Leave

  • return to work and flexible work arrangements
  • paid parental leave
  • "The replacement is a better employee - can I keep them instead?"

Annual Leave

  • directions to take leave
  • cashing out leave

Personal Leave

  • medical certificate issues
  • "temporary absence"

They will also discuss Workers Compensation and Leave, Domestic Violence Leave and Long Service Leave.

A range of "curly" questions about leave will also be addressed including excessive accruals and cashing out leave (including changes that have come out of the FWC review of modern awards), myths about sick leave, payment of leave loading on termination, accrual of leave while on workers compensation, and more.

Join us for what promises to be a highly practical session.