Mental Health and the Workplace

Increased awareness of mental illness in the community generally means employers need to have heightened awareness of the mental health issues at work.  The chances of having an employee with a mental illness are high, and particularly so where the employee’s behaviour is non-compliant or unacceptable.  Sensitivity to this, and factoring it into employment decisions raises questions of fairness and discrimination. 

Our experienced employment lawyers will address these issues, including:

  • identifying or suspecting mental illness: possible indicators
  • factoring actual or suspected mental illness into performance management
  • harm minimisation: avoiding making things worse
  • providing support and fair process
  • managing fall-out if implementing discipline or termination

Who should attend?

All managers and HR teams will benefit from attending this workshop.  It will provide an overview of the key issues relating to mental health in the workplace and what managers across all functional areas need to be aware of when dealing with staff.

Places will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment.