Doing Business Overseas? Know what to look for!

Many Australian businesses are finding that doing business offshore can help them remain competitive - despite the ever-changing and evolving trade landscape around the globe.

So if you are thinking of doing business overseas, or you have already taken the first steps and need some practical guidance, what are the essential elements you need to consider from a risk management perspective?

Presented by Coleman Greig Principal Peter Stewart and Trade marks attorney Rita Khodeir, this briefing will look at some of the specific issues you will encounter and the key questions you should be asking:

  • Who should I do business with?
  • What happens if I get it wrong?
  • What about quality and warranties? What's my liability?
  • How do I protect my brand?
  • Can I ensure I will be paid?
  • My contract or theirs?
  • Finding advisors overseas

Panel Discussion

Following the presentation, senior executives from several businesses who are already doing business overseas (in markets such as the USA, Asia, UK, Europe and New Zealand) will share their experiences and take part in a panel discussion that will highlight some of the potential pitfalls you may face - as well as sharing their tips for success.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the companies who have already tackled the challenge of doing business overseas, and our experienced lawyers who can provide the advice you need to succeed.

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