The Perils & Pitfalls of PPSA

How to avoid them and make PPSA work in your favour

Does your business:

  1. sell goods under retention of title terms?
  2. lease equipment to your customers?
  3. sell on consignment?

 If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then ask yourself:

  • What would happen if my customer went into liquidation or administration tomorrow? Would I be able to get my goods back?
  • If I am thinking of restructuring or buying another business, are searches of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) on my due diligence checklist?

These are important questions that you should ask and be able to answer.

Will your current PPSA registration stand up to scrutiny and challenge?

If you have any doubt, this is a must attend seminar presented by Senior Associate Rebecca Hegarty of Coleman Greig Lawyers and registered liquidator, Suelen McCallum of dVT Group who will provide you with practical tips on:

  • how a registration on the PPSR can work for you;
  • when to register;
  • how to avoid simple registration mistakes which may invalidate your registration;
  • what a PPSA search should be able to tell you when conducting due diligence;
  • what factors a liquidator will look at in seeking to establish that the personal property over which you have registered an interest, now belongs to your customer rather than you_
  • We will take you through current and pertinent case illustrations and provide you with a valuable checklist to conduct your own due diligence in relation to PPSA registrations you have made or intend to make.

Don't miss out on this highly informative seminar.