Personal Liability for Managers - Can you be sued under the FWA?

Whilst it is common for company directors to be sued under a wide range of laws, along with the company they direct, HR and line managers have not found themselves in the firing line very often - at least up to now!!
Fair Work Act provisions concerning liability for "persons involved" or "knowingly concerned" in contraventions of workplace laws DO extend to HR and line managers.  You need to be aware of the 'risky' areas in terms of personal liability and of your responsibilities in those areas, such as sham contracting, chronic underpayments, or other offences.
Join us for this breakfast briefing where our employment law expert, Stephen Booth will address:

  • cases where managers have been personally liable - and what happened to them;
  • risky areas for HR and line managers;
  • when is the FWO or an applicant likely to name the manager as well as the company?
  • what degree of knowledge or involvement will implicate you?
  • insurance issues for liability
  • is "following orders" a suitable defence?

Don't miss out on this practical and informative presentation - and find out what should, and should not, keep you awake at night!