Leave Entitlements

Managing the details of leave entitlements is an ongoing challenge for HR and payroll. This workshop will cover recent changes you need to be on top of, and answer all those questions about leave which come out of left field, because life doesn't fit neatly into the simple scenarios contemplated by the legislation.

Paid Parental Leave

Employers need to be across the details of the process so they can deal with PPL claims efficiently, and help employees understand how the system works. We will cover eligibility criteria, making a claim, record-keeping and payment obligations, and how PPL fits in with unpaid parental leave, super, tax, and general leave accruals.

Other Parental Leave Issues

  • return to work and flexible work arrangements
  • redundancy and parental leave
  • employee couples and applications to extend leave to 24 months
  • avoiding discrimination claims
  • "The replacement is a better employee - can I keep them instead?"

Curly Questions About Leave

We will also address a range of "curly" questions about leave including excessive accruals and cashing out leave (including changes that have come out of the FWC review of modern awards), myths about sick leave,payment of leave loading on termination, accrual of leave while on workers compensation, and more.

Join us for what promises to be a highly practical session.