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Managing Ill or Injured Workers

Managing ill or injured workers can be a complex process, with many pitfalls for the unwary. Personal leave issues and claims for flexible work arrangements can arise from an illness or injury with no connection to work.

If an injury or illness is related to work, then workers compensation and return to work obligations will be relevant.  If the safety of the workplace is in question, then work health and safety duties need to be met.  And if the illness or injury arises in the context of a disciplinary process or work dispute, or the employer wants to terminate employment because of a prolonged absence, then the risks of an unfair dismissal or adverse claim need to be considered too.

In this interactive workshop, Stephen and Lisa will address issues such as:

  • the use of personal leave entitlements and other forms of leave;
  • medical certificate issues;
  • the workers compensation process;
  • return-to-work obligations and suitable duties;
  • work health and safety issues - dealing with incidents, and factoring in safety on return to work;
  • stress, anxiety and other psychological injury claims;
  • long term absences and termination of employment; and,
  • discrimination, adverse action/general protections, and unfair dismissal risks.

We will also discuss some recent scenarios the Employment Law Team has worked on to explore how the above issues interact and can be managed effectively (or not).

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!