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Managing Social Media Risks

Most of us understand the power and influence of social media.  But as a director or senior manager, would you know which way to turn in the advent of a social media crisis in your organisation?  How would you Tweet your way out of a crisis?  Blog your way back from the brink of organisational disaster?  Or at least make informed decisions about the best road to recovery? 

Online influence, whether you are an individual, a product, brand or service orientated organisation - is the currency of the Google searching, connected consumer future. Being on social media in your marketplace long before any crisis arises gives you a strategic advantage when crisis does occur. 

In this presentation Nicole Matejic will share lessons learned from some of the biggest social media disasters, and tips on how you can manage your social media to avoid it managing you. With reputation management, trademark infringement, identity theft and online imposters shaping up to be of some the biggest challenges legal professionals now face, Nicole will share her insights - from the battlefield to the boardroom, on how controlling your online narrative really is the best defence in mitigating a social media risk. 

Each attendee will receive a copy of Nicole Matejic's latest release book 'Social Media Rules of Engagement'.

Places will be limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.