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Beyond a Social Media Policy

Governance, Ethics and Privacy Issues Explained

Much has been written about the need for companies to develop a sound social media policy. However, with social media infiltrating our business and day-to-day lives with what seems to be the speed of light, it is not enough to simply have a policy outlining how your employees should engage via social media. You need a social media strategy that ensures all members of your organisation have an understanding of how the organisation will engage with social media and that sets out the levels of responsibility with respect to social media within the executive team. A social media strategy is also important for you and your employees to ensure that they are successfully representing your company and using the tools and channels available correctly.
The next Coleman Greig social media briefing will look beyond the need for companies to develop a social media policy and focus on the strategic aspects of addressing social media within an organisation. Presented by legal practitioners with specific expertise in each area, the session will feature a discussion of governance, ethics and privacy issues with regard to social media. Topics covered will include:
  • The impact of social media across all organisational levels
  • Social Media and the role of the Board of Directors and Executive oversight
  • Can directors be held liable for information that appears on social media?
  • Social media strategy and planning, plan execution and developing measures of success
  • Compliance, risk assessments and the social media audit
  • An overview of the new privacy laws
  • Privacy and data security issues concerning use of social media
  • Ethical use of social media - where do you draw the line?
Places will be limited so book now to avoid missing out!