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  • Returning to work post-baby
    Posted by Anna Ford on 12 Jun 2013
    Having a baby can be an exciting – and demanding – time for parents. The last thing they want to worry about is trying to negotiate suitable return to work arrangements with an employer! However, despite the desire of many first-time parents to plan ahead and confirm arrangements before they go on parental leave, it is usually better not to lock in definite return to work arrangements until after the baby is born. This is because there are often unforeseen events that might occur and make the best of plans fall through. Negotiating suitable return to work arrangements for employees who have had a baby is something many business owners and managers will have to face. As an employer you have a responsibility to make all reasonable adjustments to the workplace to accommodate a pregnancy and the worker's subsequent return.
  • Unfair dismissal salary cap
    Posted by Anna Ford on 18 Jul 2011
    As at 1 July 2011 – the cap has increased to $118,100 (from $113,800). What does this mean?? If you earn over $118,100 (base salary and other guaranteed payments, but excluding 9% super and “at risk” commissions, bonuses or other incentives) and you are not covered by a modern award or enterprise agreement – you cannot bring an unfair dismissal claim. So remember - it’s really important to calculate how much your employees are earning from 1 July 2011 - as it could affect their unfair dismissal rights as well as their workplace entitlements!!!!